Hsiao-Chen Kuo
  Assistant Professor
No. Date Project Number Title
1. 2016/05~2016/10 10510193 Preliminary Study on the Self-define of 2D Bar Code Coding and Decoding Technology
2. 2015/09~2016/03 10409-07-07-003 The Technology Promotion and Application of Intelligent Vending Machine
3. 2014/05~2014/08 10305-04-07-001 Function Improvement for Patent and Matchmaking Website of Tainan City Government
4. 2013/08/01 ~ 2014/07/31 NSC 102-2511-S-269 -001 co-Project Leader, cloud learning practices used in guided tours of the curriculum development and teaching experimental research, National Science Council.
5. 2013/07/23 ~ 2014/06/30 10207-12-07-003 Project Leader, Data adding and promotion of patent and matching web site of Tainan city government in 2013, Tainan City Government
6. 2013/09/15 ~ 2013/12/31 10209-04-07-004 Project Leader, Research of HTML5 web game development and technology - ''pull the tiger whiskers'' as an example, Industry-university cooperation projects
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